Friday, February 26, 2016

In other news: a rush in gun sales following the latest mass shooting...

Apparently it is news, and somehow supports some of the Gun Culture arguments, that concealed carry permits and gun sales have gone through the roof in the communities which have recently hosted the latest mass shootings. They report this like it's news. More guns is the only way to make us safer. Gun Culture proclaims that it is a natural reaction to violence, that people are responsible for their own protection, and that we cannot rely on laws to protect us. They are correct, in their first two points. This is not a call for more laws. That is a different discussion. This is pulling back of the curtain of the third argument, it is clear where the cause lies. People aren't just buying more guns because they understand the first two arguments. They are rushing to buy even more firearms because, well, it's simple. Because, we, as a society, refuse to do something about the killings. Until we do, the only solution will be more guns and more death.

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