Friday, January 4, 2013

Get a better argument because this one is stupid.

Are you amused by this diversion from the actual discussion of a real problem?

This would be somewhat funny, sortof, were it not for the children they just finished burying in Newtown.

Show me the article where someone killed that may people in a "hammering spree" so easily and it might have a point.

The sheer stupidity of an argument like this is so old and useless for any real work it should be sitting on a porch, rocking in a chair, and telling kids to get off it's lawn.

Yes, people can die from the effects of cars, clubs, bombs, or strangling.

However, nothing, I mean nothing (and I know) beats the efficiency of a firearm. That is why they are used in wars -- to kill the enemy. Of all the classes of firearms, nothing, I mean nothing (or it would be used instead) beats some version/variant of the military assault (yes that is a real term) rifle.

You can have a car, a club, a knife or your strong manly hands all you want.

You wouldn't stand a chance against a reasonable skilled person who was pointing an AR variant at you. 

Like this one...

Posted Image

It can have a high capacity magazine in it, capable of carrying up to 30 rounds.

If I stagger tape a few together, I have an uninterrupted rate of fire until I go through just a little over 100 rounds. That means I can pull one round a second at a target for almost two minutes, before I have to drop this mag and slot another (call that five seconds).

It has an effective (lethal and useful) open-sights range of about 500 yards. Within 100 yards it's very deadly.

Put a 4 power mil-dot scope on one and the person wielding it is even more effective and at longer ranges too.

So make all the comparisons of the lethal nature of cars, clubs, knives, or even 747 aircraft all you want. That doesn't make those comparisons credible.

Almost nothing beats the effectiveness of one of these weapons for killing other human beings.

That's why the military uses them. That's why I carried one in Iraq.

Go find another argument to defend your fears of losing your military toys.

Your current one is stupid.

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