Tuesday, January 18, 2011

But, but, political rhetoric has always been violent...

Those of you on the political part of the spectrum who say, "Well, political discourse has always been nasty, so what's the big deal?" and go on to cite examples, are rationalizing, excuse wielding fools who don't understand the bigger picture and the desire of rational people to get beyond such inhumanity. There. I. Said. It.

I won't let such excuses pass by without offering the strongest dismissal and disdain for such intellectual laziness.  Really?  You really want to support, justify, excuse, rationalize in order to support whatever political beliefs you have?

You think shunning those that spout violent speech is censorship?  You don't understand what censorship is.  You think that treating those that whip up the crazy in society, with their violent rhetoric are innocent of their contribution to the actions of the crazy, is somehow unfair?

Too bad, I say.  Too bad.

You are wrong.  Those that spout rhetoric like this, and let the crazies do their dirty work are covered in blood just as well.

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